A Blue Ruffle Dress

I was drooling on this blue ruffle dress that I found at at Walmart online and I’ve thought of giving it a try. It is lightweight jersey made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, a tiered ruffle dress with scoop neck and is sleeveless and I thought the right size of this would fit me even with the pregnancy. I’ll see if it will when it gets here. I ordered it online and have it delivered so I am looking forward to it.

I love dresses. I wear them regularly, especially when I attend church. Dresses, bags, and shoes are my weaknesses. And since I am a woman, please don’t blame me. LOL. My fashion statement consists of dresses and when I wear one, I always feel like the modest in me always comes out! 😉

103rd/107th of the 366 BPC

13 Responses to “A Blue Ruffle Dress”

  • Gagay says:

    mura’g bagay jud sya te for preggy pod..dili nya mahalata na preggy tungod sa ruffles ruffles.. :)

  • yogi says:

    aha! . . I know girls are like that besides my sister are always wearing dress when she go to church and loved to collect bags and shoes, no doubt both of you are pure girls.. hahah.

  • Leah H. says:

    Sexy dress.. Like it especially ang color..

    Visiting for 107 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  • Adin B says:

    It’s one beautiful dress, mommy Rcel. I like it! I am also on a lookout for a versatile dress at Walmart today since we are going out of town and they don’t have a mall there so I’ll shop at Walmart. hehehe… :) Lovely dress! Can’t wait to see you in it.

  • Chie says:

    It is a lovely dress gwaps…great to wear when visiting to church. Since you are preggy, dresses are recommended. This sure will look good on you.

  • beautiful dress Momi Rcel :-) am sure it will fits on you :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  • Taken With Life says:

    Agoy ka nindot ani ui..parehas ta ganahan pod ko og dress, na mao na ato sakit dress, bag og shoes haha..Agi lng ko diri..

  • emzkie says:

    im sure u will look great in this blue dress Cel.

    na late akong BPC.

  • Jheylo says:

    was here paying a visit :)

    wow ka nice sa dress. samot na kay raffles, matago ra ang bilbil ug akoy mo suot hehehhe

  • Pinx says:

    nice dress Cel, i’m sure you’ll look lovely in that… dili mailhan preggy. hehehe… re Bogs’ age…sa January next year mag 6 Cel, mao intawn pinakabata sa ilang class… wala pa jud gihapon buot…hehehe…

  • Mrs.D says:

    this one sure looks good on you Cel…nice ang color! na parehas ta…mao pod na akong weakness…maong ang bana sige wonder nganong sige palit bags, shoes ug sinena…hahaha…lol!

    re: namuot ko sa imong comment…korek…mo gain jud ko ug over 20lbs inig balik gikan pinas Cel…mokaon ko ug taman taman para inig balik mag diet na jud ko…lol!

    as in Cel…amo tanan beddings kay dark jud ug mga color…para d halata ang mga buling ba…waaaaa…tawon pod diay ang bana no…maikog jud ug tulog pag bulingon ang lapa lapa…makapanghugas jud…ehehhe! aw, allergic diay ka no…ga gamit lugar diay mo ug humidifier diha?!

  • KM says:

    No one’s blaming you, Rcel, for liking those things. Those are a few of my favorite things too. Hehe! Please share a pic of you wearing that dress pag na deliver na ah? 😉

    Late BPC hop ^^

  • wow, that’s really nice. looks very neat and would fit my big body, he he he, sorry for the late bpc hop.

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