Anti Aging Skin Care

Healthy skin is beautiful skin and the quest for a fountain of youth continues in our current world. But we cannot simply right off this trend or desire as a Baby Boomer fad. Especially in light of some surprising facts being discovered in science.

People are looking for a way to improve wrinkles, skin blemishes and repair UV damage.

It has been observed that certain cultures seem to age better and live longer and much of this is connected to diet and living conditions. Scientific Research has been analyzing the effects of Free radicals andmitochondria mitochondrial decay on skin and body aging. It has long been known that fighting free radical molecules can improve aging and lesson damage to the body.

Glutathione levels decrease in our bodies as we get older, and glutathione helps our body fight Free radicals at amazing ratios. Antioxidants like vitamin C and E work on a one to one basis by donating one of their electrons to unpaired free radicals thus nullifying their stealing and damaging effects. (Article)

Natural Anti Aging Skin Care

Interestingly, there is a new natural nutrient in town that is even more effective than vitamin C or E and actually it is not that new.  Schisandra Berry has been used in Chinese medicines and foods for thousands of years.

SO why is Schisandra B better? Because it builds our glutathione levels back up to levels like we were when younger. At proper levels our body fights Free radicals at 1000000 (1 million) to one. WOW!

Glissandra has developed a method of pulling the most powerful part of the Schisandra Berry out namely the isomer negative Schisandrin B which is extremely potent at fighting mitochondrial decay. (SomeBerryGoodNews)

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