Health Supplements

The genre of health products continues to grow and most people are after products that are pure, natural, non-GMO and free from harmful chemicals or products.

Typically the best of the best include a full system of health and wellness benefits like:

  • GI tract cleansing
  • energy
  • mental clarity
  • inflammation reduction
  • immune support
  • joint support
  • Blood circulation and heart support
  • weight management or bad craving control

Products that are not complicated and have a naturopath-designed blend are favored in the market. Ease of use is key, price is also important and the quality of the nutrients within top the go to list.

We are reviewing one product/company here ( others that prove to be of the highest grade and get results like this one will be added at a future date.)

In just 3 years Thrive by Le-Vel has jumped to the highest position as the #1 health & wellness movement in the US. And has expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

Thrive is a robust 3 step system called the Thrive Experience. It includes two capsules for male/female, a shake and the ground-breaking derma fusion technology or DFT.  This DFT is a standout product that makes Le-Vel different as they have developed a wearable and fashionable nutrition system that uses the dermal layer to slowly and effectively release nutrients to the body as the body requires it:

Their main video includes information on the product as well as the business and their unique credit system that allows promoters and customers to get the product for Free by referring 2 friends.

Le-Vel also has other product lines including:

  • an immune boosting drink called Boost which contains 45 fruits and vegetables in each packet that you mix with water and drink
  • a gut helping product called Balance
  • and some intriguing sub-lingual gel products including one called Rest which is a natural sleep aid.

All of these products can be purchased through the cloud website and the order is delivered to your door. Information about the business/affiliate program is detailed on the website and accounts are Free whether you  sign-up simply to order as a customer or as a promoter.

Le-Vel Website | Le-vel Product Pages

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